Engineering Supplies contribution
to the Lifting Equipment Industry
in South Africa

It is with great pride and anticipation and with our Customer and Interested
Parties in mind, to inform you that the Organization have successfully been
certified as an ISO9001:2015 Company.

Because we strive to continually improve our relationship with you, periodic product enhancements are critical to the success of our business, and in our pursuit of perfection, we constantly strive to raise our levels of service and product delivery. Due to this established culture of innovation, many might have anticipated this improvement to our flagship range of products i.e. lifting, rigging and lashing range and more particular our Nitchi brand etc. However, this new development is so much more than just a product enhancement, it is a complete paradigm shift that changes the way we do business. Our customers expect us to offer the most ground-breaking products in the market, and the new Ultralow headroom hoist, new Donsa-X Electric hoist range and Donsa air hoists range are just that. These products, which will form an integral part of our flagship ranges have been streamlined and now offers a choice of greatly improved products to choose from. We have placed great focus on enhancing these core products to maximise the advantages for our customers.


Again, the new ranges are not innovative because of these enhancements alone; they are also innovative because we have perfected them for our market, whilst adhering to the restrictive Industry with regard to these product ranges. These hoists will offer our Customers a wider range to choose from, adequately covering all the needs of the various Sectors in the marketplace. These hoists are all about choice, and key to our product development is considering the choices our Customers make. This streamlined approach has allowed us to offer greater value, improved safety and quality to our diverse Customer base.


The new product ranges were developed with freedom of choice in mind. By offering increased benefits, the ranges ensure that those choices are product-based. Offering better value, simpler choices and sustainability, our innovation is founded on our pursuit of perfection, not on a meaningless introduction of additional products and benefits. When considering our new product ranges, you will find that, while they offer you the freedom to choose, some choices have been made a whole lot easier for you; ensuring that your lifting tasks have just become a peace-of-mind activity.

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