The official magazine for LEEASA

(Lifting Equipment Engineering Association of South Africa) 

About Lifting Africa

Dedicated to our loyal readers

Lifting Africa is dedicated to providing the reader with a platform to discuss and resolve problems and issues relevant to the African lifting industry. Lifting Africa will assist the reader, with compliance to all legal and statutory requirements in the
lifting industry. Our aim is to improve safety in the industry.

Training is very important to the industry and ourselves. We will, therefore, focus consistently on training.  This will include an annual conference covering all aspect relevant to the industry. Focus areas are case studies of previous accidents in the industry, to prevent this from happening in the future.

Lifting Africa will also focus on and feature all forms of lifting; from mobile, tower, and construction cranes to overhead, under-hung, monorail, wharf and gantry type container cranes. Lifting
Africa will also include features on “under the hook” equipment, lifting tackle and ancillary equipment, repairs, testing, inspection, and training companies.

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